We provide a place where your dog will be loved and cared for while you are away from home. We offer crate free day care & boarding, grooming, and training. All vital to maintain a healthy dog!



K9 Camp is focused on providing a safe environment for dogs to come and play while their owners are off working hard. We will provide the owners with the peace of mind that their dog children are getting the exercise and critical socialization skills needed to be good community and family members. Through healthy interactive play with their new canine friends, our dogs will achieve many benefits just by having fun all day, such as:

  • General Health: Simply playing throughout the day will foster maintaining a healthy weight, which is just as important for dogs as it is for humans.
  • Socialization: They will learn how to interact with other dogs which will help them be more comfortable when coming across new dogs when their owners take them to dog parks, hikes, or even a simple bathroom walk in their neighborhood.
  • Temperament: We have all heard that “a tired dog is a good dog” or “a tired dog is a happy dog” and there is much truth in these statements. Dogs have energy they need to release, and even the best owners can be too exhausted from work and their commute to let the dogs release that energy every day. Dogs that play all day and get to release that energy are more likely to be less disruptive in the home.


Package Daily Rate Discount Total Cost
Interview1 FREE FREE
1 Day $32.00 $32.00
5 Day $31.20 2.5% $156.00
10 Day $30.40 5.0% $304.00
20 Day $28.80 10.0% $576.00
Monthly2 $25.60 20.0% $544.00
6 Months $24.00 25.0% $3,060.00
1 Year3 $22.40 30.0% $5,712.00
Additional Dogs4
1 Day $24.00 25.0% $24.00
5 Day $23.40 25.0% $117.00
10 Day $22.80 25.0% $228.00
20 Day $21.60 25.0% $432.00
Monthly2 $19.20 25.0% $408.00
6 Months $18.00 25.0% $2,295.00
1 Year3 $16.80 25.0% $4,284.00
Half Day5
First Dog $21.00 $21.00
Additional Dog(s) $15.75 25.0% $15.75

1 – Interview is free and includes 1 Free trial day if the dog is accepted
2 – Daily rate is the average of 255 operating days in a year divided by 12 months
3 – The year covers 255 consecutive operating days from the date of purchase
4 – Additional dogs is defined as dogs belonging to the same owner and residing in the same household
5 – Half day is any duration of the day from 0 to 5 hours, if the dog(s) are in attendance longer than 5 hours the full day rates will be applied at the time of pick up.



Here at K9 Camp, we know that boarding your dog is one of the hardest decisions to make when traveling. We are here to provide that home away from home for your dog so that you don’t have to worry. Our facility does not use crates and your dog will have human and canine companionship 24/7 and gets to sleep where he falls after a long day of playing with friends. So if your dog sleeps in your bed, on a dog bed, on the couch, or curled up on a recliner – he gets to do the same with us! For those dogs whose comfort zone is in their crate, don’t worry, we have those too – except we don’t close the doors on them so your dog can come and go as he pleases.


Dogs spending the night with us should arrive by 11:00AM the first day so that your dog can be part of the day care play. This helps your dog become familiar with the facility, staff, and new friends. As the night comes, your dog will be ready for some much needed R&R and will enjoy the comforts of our boarding suite with our staff and other vacationing dogs.


Day Day Care Boarding Total Cost
Interview FREE FREE
Mon-Fri1 $32.00 $33.00 $65.00
Sat-Sun $32.00 $33.00 $65.00
Holiday $32.00 $33.00 $65.00
Additional Dogs
Interview FREE FREE
Mon-Fri1 $24.00 $33.00 $57.00
Sat-Sun $24.00 $33.00 $57.00
Holiday $24.00 $33.00 $57.00

1 – Day care dogs with multi-day, monthly or annual passes will have the day care portion deducted from their passes Mon-Fri, excluding holidays.



Grooming is not a canine luxury; it is an essential component to maintaining a healthy and happy dog. Regular grooming helps keep your dog comfortable, smelling good, and most importantly makes it easier for you to identify medical issues early. Other than the feel good, smell good cuddles with your dog after a grooming session, here’s a few ways regular grooming benefits your dog:

  • Healthy Skin/Coat: Regular baths with dog specific shampoos will keep your pet’s skin clean, nourished and healthy. The process of scrubbing, blow drying and brushing removes dead skin and hair, allowing air to circulate through your pet’s skin and coat.
  • Healthy Nails: Keeping nails to a proper length prevents spreading of the toes which can lead to unnecessary stress on the ankles causing difficulty while walking.
  • Matted Fur: Dogs with longer fur can develop mats that can be painful to the dog – it can feel like someone pulling the hair on your head every time you move. These are easily avoided with a regular grooming session.

We offer grooming from our qualified staff by appointment only. Please contact us by email or phone to learn more about how we can help you keep your beloved dog healthy, happy, and smelling great.



K9 Camp is in the process of establishing partnerships with area trainers. Once those agreements are in place we will happily put you in touch with our trainers.